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A known trendsetter in the industry of veneer manufacturing brings you again a product with exceptional features, introducing ‘The 8ft Face Veneer Peeling Machine’ exclusively by CTC. The challenge was to facilitate this industry with the exclusive peeling machine that produces the superior quality face veneer at affordable rates even from the local wood and to replace the conventional practices. Fortunately, we achieved it and the fully automatic spindle-less peeling machine was discovered. It has the capacity of taking out the highest quality face veneer with the accurate thickness of 0.25mm. The slices obtained from this machine are always uniform and has a major recovery without damaging the wood or affecting the veneer’s quality. We have assembled it with the features that ensure its quality measurements:

a) R- Block Reducer(Japenese)
b) Taiwan Made Slide Bar Rail- that helps in taking out the precise minimum thickness without variation.
c) Servo Motor of INVT- it keeps the accuracy of thickness stabled.

Key Features


The machine has undergone proper quality check to ensure that it gives a hassle-free service to our custom-ers and the quality standard of CTC is maintained.

Technical Specifications

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Chopal Engineering is a name that comes with the backing of trust, earned with years of experience in the field and consistently high quality standards. From manufacturing veneer, the company has grown .

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