History of Founding of Our Company

Established in 1992, Chopal Engineering has emerged as a leading name in veneer solutions with high-tech machinery for manufacturing units in Plywood and Wood Industry. Association with Sagar Plywood has served the company well not just in terms of experience and expertise but also in understanding the market and giving customer satisfaction the requisite importance. It was incepted by leaders in the plywood manufacture business as they were well versed with the troubles that plagued the industry. The quest to conquer the problems drove them to find effective solutions. Distressed by low wood recovery, quality issues, breakdown and much more, they introduced the most advanced technological solutions in terms of machinery that was fully computerised, controlled log management, was cost effective, experienced less breakdown and negligible thickness variations. While the traditional hydraulic machinery was good only with fresh wood log, the new machines produce high quality veneer with dry wood too. As a long-term partner, a trusted and cost effective solution provider, CTC has rightfully earned the crown for the most preferred company.

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Chopal Engineering is a quality driven name that comes with the backing of name that comes with the trust, earned with years of experience in the field and consistently high quality standards. From manufacturing veneer, the company has grown to encompass in its fold the manufacture and supply of machines for crafting veneer. With technology sourced from global leaders, the machinery is adapted to match Indian standards and Industry requirements. While maintaining the momentum it has shown exponential growth in last two years. It has sold more than 500 machines, with the focus on providing high quality machinery and thorough after service in India & Nepal. Leaving no stone unturned when it comes to delivering services or products. Innovation, Efficiency, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction are the hallmarks of the company that prides itself for its peerless products and unmatched after sales services that are an integral part of the brand experience.


Chopal Engineering is product of sheer hard-work and we believe that more you work hard, more fortunate you become. We are of firm belief that we are here to stay because we have a mission with a motto. Everyone is aware of the fact that the business triangle relies on trade-off between the cost, quality and time. However, we have our own philosophy that only the best is good enough for our customers, nothing less than that. We can proudly boast; our worst is better than any other person’s best.


Our vision is to offer global standards at local prices. We endeavor to make available exclusive, cost effective solutions, matching highest global quality standards within stipulated time. Superior materials, latest technology combined to give excellent solutions: Sagar plywood. We believe in excellence and thrive to provide value based service. Our focus on quality is not limited to the product alone; it extends to customer service also. Our relationship with our customers and associates instills a strong sense of partnership and belongingness, leading to the continuous growth of Chopal Timber .

Our Team

Company sources its human assets carefully from a pick of good professionals and believes that the company works smarter working together rather than working alone. Its dedication to its team is complete and ever changing. Its R&D department ensures the use of latest technology and Innovation. A detailed time-to-time survey is conducted in order to get the customer feedbacks and lay emphasis on further improvement. This in turn, gives Sagar wood products an edge over others in the plywood trade.

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Reason to choose CTC’s Machine

Chopal Engineering provides leading technical support and services to get-away the industrial manufacturing issues in your rising organizational structure on right time. Our complete set of services also includes machine’s warranty, field services & spare parts services management. The only company that provides end to end services which caters to your comprehensive needs. We always use original spare parts for the replacement purpose and to avoid the breakdown time, which gives you highly productive and quality results. We understand our work that’s why we are known the best in the market.

Rest assured that not only do we provide you with the most advanced technology, but also provide you with international standard after-sales services. We are always just a phone call, email or message away from helping you out with any form of trouble you may have with your product. Do feel free to contact us any time and we will be glad to be of help.

About Company

Chopal Engineering is a name that comes with the backing of trust, earned with years of experience in the field and consistently high quality standards. From manufacturing veneer, the company has grown .

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