Core Dry Press

The Experts, Trendsetters or Specialised - you can call us by any name but we call ourselves Chopal Timber Company. Bringing a new year's surprise to you, here we introduce the 'Core Veneer Dry Machine'. Following the law of nature, to change for the betterment - CTC has replaced the conventional Roller Dryer with incomparable and never been experienced core dry machine.
This fully automatic exclusive core dry hot press is 9.5ft in size, with 18 delite, operated by oil & steam and has a massive capacity of drying from 1 to1.25 lac within 24hrs. It is the most economical machine which consumes comparatively less electricity and doesn't even demand for much maintenance. Traditionally drying & straightening of veneer used to be the job of two different machines but now there is no need to double the process, with this multi-featured CTC's drying machine both the actions can be performed by single machine. Surpassing the standards of installation of C Class pipe which hardly used to accompany for 2 years, we have installed the long lasting seamless steel pipe to add on a forever life line. This machine maintains the quality of core veneer and has no harmful effect in fact it raises the veneer utilization that results in better production output. Above all the best advantage is that it results in cost effective plywood.
To facilitate the industry with the easiest way outs CTC has modified the machine in a way there is no need of fitting, sealing or any foundation, it can easily be kept on the floor. Its operating system is kept very simple and easy to understand, we just have to insert the material, press the start button and switch on the medium heating mode. We take the utmost pride in introducing such a machine to the industry with heavy features; let's have a look at a glance:

It opens 10 delite at a time, it opens and close after a desire time which help to prevent core from cracking.

Key Features

20 Layers Veneer Dry Machine

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